Best Coffee Makers in UAE - Buyer's Guide & Reviews !

Coffee Lovers have it assumed: In the Morning we hardly have time to drink our coffee and savor it as it deserves. And no, that brown liquid you make at home with soluble coffee is not real coffee, and you know it.

If you know how to appreciate good coffee, you will also know that there are many types of coffee makers for home and that you can buy a fast coffee maker that prepares a coffee with a delicious aroma. Are you already smelling it in your imagination?

Of course, there are espresso, automatic, Italian, drip, plunger, capsule and many other types of coffee machines. And that's not to mention the number of brands and models that exist in the market.

The decision is not easy, so we want to help you. Below you will find a complete buying guide with analysis and comparison of the Best Coffee Machines in UAE / Dubai of 2023. Once you read it, you will surely be ready to choose the best coffee machine on the market to prepare coffee in the comfort of your home.


De'Longhi Dinamica
Automatic Coffee Machine

Capacity : 1.8 Liters
300gr Large Beans Container
Removable Brewing Unit


Philips Series 3200
Espresso Machine

12 Adjustable Grinder Settings
3 Temperature Settings
Milk Solution : LatteGo


De'Longhi Espresso
Coffee Machine

Cappuccino System
Auto Off Function
Stainless Steal Boiler


Melitta Filter
Coffee Machine

Detachable Swing Filter
Automatic Switch Off
Timer Feature with Display


Coffee Machine

Folding Drip Tray for Latte
Fast heat-up
2 Programmable Buttons

Best Coffee Machine in UAE

Content :

DeLonghi ECAM22.110.B Coffee Machine

This model is already one of the so-called super-automatic coffee machines, since they offer numerous benefits, simplifying their use to the maximum.

To begin with, this machine allows us to use both already ground coffee and beans. For this it incorporates an integrated grinder with 13 different settings so that we take full advantage of the qualities of this product.

To regulate the intensity, we will only have to change the configuration with its simple controls, each one with its corresponding icon to make it totally intuitive. Thus, we can control both the amount of coffee and water in each cup.

De'longhi Magnifica S Ecam 22.110.B - Super automatic coffee machine, 15 bar pressure, 13 adjustable programs, self-cleaning, cappuccino system, black

We can also choose if we want a short, medium or long coffee by pressing a simple button or leave our favorite mode memorized by means of the "my coffee" control.

Its descaling program also stands out, to make its maintenance more comfortable and that it does not lose any of its qualities over time. .

Tips for Choosing a Good Coffee Maker in UAE

Buying a Home Coffee Maker / Machine that makes good coffee and makes it fast is not an easy task. There are many technical characteristics to take into account to choose the best one and depending on the type of coffee maker, you will have to assess one or the other points to a greater or lesser extent. In general, the fundamental factors that you should review and compare are the following:

Type of Coffee Maker: The capsule coffee maker is quick and easy to use, but requires the purchase of compatible capsules; The grinder ones allow you to prepare a delicious aromatic coffee from coffee beans and although they are more expensive, they end up being very profitable in the long term; The filter ones work on the basis of a drip water system and are inexpensive, but speed is not their best feature; the automatic ones, which are the fastest and most professional and so on.

Milk Fothers:

It is not necessary, but lovers of coffee with foam come in handy that their coffee maker incorporates it. Of course, the price is more expensive.


Whatever type your product is, it will have a container of a certain capacity to place the ground coffee or beans. Make sure that the capacity is sufficient for the use you are going to give it and if you are only going to use it, you can opt for a single-dose coffee maker.


Most already incorporate technologies that allow programming it to turn on and prepare the coffee at a specific time. This function is even present in electric drip coffee makers.

Brand and Spare Parts:

Choose a prestigious brand that offers you a good guarantee for your machine, as well as spare parts that are easy to find in case of breakdown, especially if you are going to buy an expensive machine.

Buying Guide: Which Coffee Machine to Buy?

Currently we find a wide variety of types of coffee makers in any store, from Italian to capsule. Each one has its own characteristics that will allow our coffee to have a different flavor and texture, adapting it to anyone's taste.

Types of Coffee Makers/Machine

There are as many types as people who love coffee and that's a lot. In general, we can classify them like this:

Italian Coffee Maker

Coffee is prepared using steam. The high pressure and temperature of this steam makes the final product have more body and a characteristic flavor by extracting a higher amount of the coffee oil.

Electric or Electric Induction

Its use is very simple. You just have to fill the bottom with water and add the ground grain to the filter. When water boils, the steam pushes it to the top and is stored there.

Capsule Coffee Maker

They are the most popular today for ease of use and inexpensive prices. They use single-dose capsules that work as a kind of filter. There is a great variety of modalities, flavors and textures.

Automatic and super-automatic Coffee Machine

The quality of the resulting product is excellent and the most modern ones allow us to customize it to our liking. We just have to put the coffee, water and press a button. In addition, many allow you to put coffee beans, since they have a grinder. Other models also include a milk frother / frother.

Drip Coffee Maker

They are one of the most popular that we find in the market. To use it, the only difficulty is to find the right proportion of coffee that we must put in the filter to achieve the intensity of coffee that you like.

Semi and Professional

There are models of both that are automatic that can well be used in premises, businesses, office or at home because they are totally super functional. They include a digital display that allows you to choose between different types of coffee.


The mini-kettles are practical to transport and you can make coffee both with ground coffee or using capsules if you prefer. They are generally made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. There are also batteries.

Piston or Piston Coffee Makers (French press):

These are more common for using tea. It is a kind of glass cylinder with a flat filter and a shot. The coffee beans are put on the bottom, the filter on top and hot water is added.

Parts of a Coffee Machine : Main Components

Coffee Machine Parts
Image from :

It is essential to know the operation and parts of a coffee Machine before opting for the best model on the market for your home. Well, the fundamental parts vary between the different types, but in general they are these:

Printed Circuit

It is the integrated part of the coffee machine that allows us to start the operation. With the switch (switch) we can turn the appliance on and off, in addition to other functions that the coffee maker may have.


It has a horseshoe shape and is what emits the heat production. It is assembled next to the tube through which the water will circulate, which it will have to heat for evaporation.


It allows the regulation of the resistance temperature. This piece usually has a tolerance of 145 ° to 180 ° depending on the type of coffee maker.

Thermal Fuse

It is like the shield of the appliance and its main and only function is to protect the coffee maker in the event of a failure, this protection includes the general components and the protection of those who use it.

How Does a Coffee Machine Work?

The operation varies based on the type of coffee maker you have chosen, but in general the process is as follows:

  • Grind the seeds in a coffee grinder and boil them in hot water to extract the flavor (for manual, electric or filter coffee makers, among others).
  • Place the coffee, either beans or ground, in the container provided for it.
  • In the case of capsule coffee machines, we just have to put the capsule in the place designed for it.
  • Load the water in the appropriate container.
  • Place on the fire and wait for it to sound (manuals) or connect to the mains and press a button

Correct Cleaning of Coffee Machines

Keeping the removable parts of your coffee machine clean, as well as the container in which you put the coffee or the hole through which the coffee comes out is essential to guarantee a perfect coffee flavor, as well as greater durability of the machine.

Now follow the Next Steps:

  • The first thing you should do is disassemble the coffee maker to clean the parts that make it up separately. Those that are removable you will put them to soak or you can also wash them one by one with the sponge or directly in the dishwasher. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Then use the clean cloth soaked in soapy water and wipe the outside of your coffee maker. If it is with cable, disconnect it from the light socket.

  • Use the baking soda and vinegar to soak the bottom of the coffee maker where the water and coffee deposit is to remove the embedded particles and kill any bacteria that may live there. Do it for half an hour.

  • Then turn on the coffee maker as if you were going to make coffee and when it goes to the middle of the water meter turn it off and leave it for half an hour more.

  • Finally, prepare the coffee maker with clean water as if you were going to make coffee so that any particles that may have remained in the coffee maker are removed.

  • Use a descaler every 3-6 months. This product is used to reduce or eliminate the lime present in the water container of your coffee maker and can be purchased in liquid or in pills.

Best Brands of Coffee Machines In the Market

The household appliance sector is one of those that requires a good choice of brand to guarantee reliability, quality and safety when buying appliances such as a coffee maker. Based on experience and quality, we have selected the best ones below:

Nespresso Coffee Machines:

This is the trademark used by Nestlé for its capsule coffee machine division. Keep in mind that when we talk about Nespresso, we are referring to the technology that the company has patented for small single-dose containers, since the machines have been manufactured by several different companies. In any case, it is one of the most successful brands on the market.

Delonghi Coffee Machines:

Like good Italians, they boast great design coupled with proven quality. Its catalog of coffee machines covers almost every possible type: drip, super-automatic, capsule, mocha, electric or filter.

Where to Buy the Best Coffee Machine?

There are many appliance stores where you can buy any type of coffee maker, but nowadays the most comfortable thing is to go to the online stores with the best catalog and offers and those are:

Amazon: It is the Giant and only by consulting the online coffee maker catalog will you realize why. It has a wide range of brands and models with the best prices and purchases are made easily and safely, with free returns and deliveries in 24 hours. Its capsule coffee machines, espresso among many others, stand out.

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