Best Free VPN in UAE for WhatsApp Calling

There are many video calling applications available and among them, WhatsApp is the most demandable with a global users count of 1.5 billion and it is increasing. Now Facebook owns WhatsApp and is dominating the application market. Though this application is very popular still it is banned by many major countries like UAE where video calling is not possible.

Still, people wish to use this easy application in case they are visiting UAE. The good news is that you can bypass WhatsApp restriction by simply connecting your WhatsApp to a Virtual private network. Here you are going to find some Best Free VPN in UAE for WhatsApp Calling such as NordVPNs.

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Best Free VPN in UAE for Whatsapp Calling


For UAE NordVPNs is among the best choices as it provides users with the servers of a global network meaning you will be able to have access to a plethora of services when you are in the UAE. This VPN can maintain a true zero log policy and offers precise fortification with indissoluble encryption.


To deal with security loopholes there are plenty of options to connect your app with Tor over VPN or double VPN. By default, your WhatsApp will route your DNS appeal through NordVPNs own domain name system servers and also shields your app from any threats that could open your location information.

This application can be downloaded for MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS. This application also offers gigantic 6 synchronized connections on just a single subscription which means your entire family, group of friends can use it. You can also unblock other features such as streaming services like Hulu and Netflix with the fastest speeds.


It is another VPN that you can use in the UAE as it has plenty of features to offer that makes it fun to use.  It works in UAE as well as China.  It offers unbeatable encryption features and no log is kept with the company.


It has ideal security for any WhatsApp user even if encryption is compromised no one can pass through the sessions. There is a leak prevention system integrated, but it is only available for windows. It has a simple and unique setup for its users and streaming is also available for services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix.

You can get a Private VPN for android, MacOS, Amazon Fire, and iOS.  Another best thing about PrivateVPN is that you can connect a maximum of six devices.


The application market is flooded with a facility that helps users and this one is another newcomer offering multiple services that you will love. You will like Surfshark because of many reasons and the best one is that you can connect it to as many devices as you desire.


The happiness does not end here it is liked by users because of the immense online privacy and security it offers. It works in China and the United States of Arab. The company guarantees to offer top-notch encryption and does not store any user data. You can also unblock streaming sites with Surfshark and 24/7 live chat is also offered. You can get it for Android, iOS, Fire TV, MacOS, and windows.


It offers 256-bit encryption and ideal security at every stage.  No activity log is kept with the company or IP address.  It also offers Domain name security leak protection which means your location is kept secured and never revealed.

The company has its DNS server for double protection of its user’s security. This application is available for MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS. This VPN is quick and its services are accessible in 94 countries. You can also unblock streaming platforms.


These are the 4 Best Free VPN in UAE for WhatsApp Calling which is loaded with amazing features and tight security. You can easily install them on your devices. NordVPNs are the most recommended in UAE. It can be used in countries where WhatsApp is banned such as UAE and China.

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