Best Massage Chair in UAE : What To Keep in Mind?

Massage has a long history of providing many health benefits. It is a practice that helps in pain relief, enhances circulation, and increases healing. When a massage chair was first launched in the consumer market in the late 1980s, it was designed to imitate the techniques and motions of an actual masseuse. 

Primarily, the objective of the massage chair was to reduce tension, stress, and back pain. But with the invention of new models in the market, the benefits of massage chairs are changing day by day.

Best Massage Chair in UAE

Before buying the best massage chair in UAE, it would be a good idea if you realize its benefits, features, components, etc.

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Components of a Massage Chair

As there are different massage techniques, this is why massage chairs have been designed in accordance with their needs and preferences. Most massage chairs are intended to include three major components to complement different massage techniques. Learn these components:

A Motor:

It is one of the vital mechanical aspects of a massage chair. Motors are responsible to provide power and for the movement of the rollers and nodes to the necessary areas. Even, a motor also lets the required alterations to the seatback. There are different preset programs and patterns for massaging the entire back. But the rollers, nodes, and motors are designed to be modified using the control pad.

Rollers and Nodes:

These components are different in size and shape. These are designed to emulate hands and fingers. If a massage chair has big nodes and rollers, it gives a generalized approach to massage. But with smaller rollers and modes, a massage chair offers more detailed and point-specific massaging. All are pre-programmed into the mechanics of a massage chair. A person can adjust these components based on his/her needs.

Computer-assisted Adjustability:

It is the most essential factor to keep in mind while buying the best massage chair. Almost all models of massage chairs can adjust according to the height, width, and weight of a user. By determining the pressure on the seatback, the protrusion’s height of the nodes and rollers get adjusted. You can select different inputs on the control pad.

List of Best Massage Chairs in UAE

Check the Following List for Top Massage Chairs Available in UAE
  1. Sparnod Fitness OPULENCE Full Body Luxury Massage Chair
  2. Medisana Relaxing Seat Full Body Massage Chair
  3. ARES iSmart Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair
  4. AIWANTO SMING Massage Chair
  5. Sparnod Fitness CLASSIC Full Body Massage Chair
  6. iRest Intelligent Massage Chair SL-A300 Full Body Massage

There are many reasons why people have massage chairs at their homes. A massage chair can have a wide range of benefits to offer. With a massage chair, you can:

  • Improve post-workout muscle recovery
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Induce better sleeping patterns
  • Relieve the pain from damaged or sore muscles
  • Treat lower back pain
  • Minimize stiff-neck problems
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Simulate chiropractic maneuvers for sciatica
  • Flush the lymphatic system
  • Boost oxygen flow to the extremities and heal their functionality

Other Perks of Massage Chairs you can Enjoy

The benefits of using a massage chair are endless. When a body has low stress levels, good sleep patterns, good circulation, and a clean lymphatic system, you can enjoy natural immunity. You will not experience severe headaches. It is also going to affect your mental health by boosting creativity and problem-solving capacity.

Not only this, but with a massage chair, you can also spice up your sexual health. So, on the overall, it can be said that a massage chair comes with a variety of benefits for your complete wellbeing and health. Hence, having a massage chair at home can change your life completely.

It is not easy to buy a massage chair if you do not have complete knowledge about it. There are different varieties and types of massage chairs from different companies and brands you can check out in the market.

Irest Massage Chair

IRest is one of the leading companies and manufacturers in the world, offering different models of massage chairs. Founded in 2003, the company has turned out to be a pioneer in technology products’ suppliers and service providers. They try everything to meet their commitment. They manufacture and provide high-quality products after intensive research and development.

They are committed to offering smart products in the market. These products not only boost the customers’ health, even they will help employees to get better opportunities. The company has registered in more than 100 nations.

IRest Massage Chairs have different features and specifications. Every model has its own uniqueness and functionality. But the basic features you will see in almost iRest Massage Chair are:

  • AI Voice Control
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • Automatic massage functions
  • Handrail shortcut key
  • Auto massage modes
  • Full body airbags

Irest Massage Chairs can work on different massage techniques such as finger pressing, kneading, and tapping, and mainly all at the same time. In addition, such massage chairs from iRest have smart features like Bluetooth speakers present. You can connect your smartphone with an iRest Massage Chair easily.

As there are varieties of models of iRest Massage Chairs, these are categorized into 3 different types. These are premium, classic, and standard. Make sure to check the features of a particular iRest Massage Chair you want to have. The brand is known for providing quality and comfortability. Go to the official website of this manufacturer and check out its exclusive range of iRest Massage Chairs.

Ares Massage Chair

Are you looking for the best and smart massage chair in UAE? If yes, then Ares is the brand that offers you a variety of massage chairs having smart features. They offer a full-body massage chair with a variety of interesting features. Some of the best models of massage chairs offered by this brand include:

  • Ares iPremium Massage Chair
  • Ares uInfinity Massage Chair
  • uStyle Massage Chair
  • Ares uDream Massage Chair
  • Ares uRest Massage Chair

This brand is known for its uniqueness and for building massage chairs according to the latest smart technological trends. You can find a massage chair by this brand, which can offer you ideal physical therapy through the power of the Shiatsu massage technique.

The models offered by this brand provide you with advanced multi-functional massage techniques. These chairs are renowned for the extended level of comfort and relaxation they provide to customers. With just an easy and quick control, users can enjoy the ride on these massage chairs. The interesting features are:

  • Massage points
  • Automatic massage programs
  • Heat Therapy
  • Full body air massage
  • Foot roller massage
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Space-saving technology
  • Backrest scanning

Make sure you are familiar with these features. It would be good if you compare different models of massage chairs from this brand. On the web, look for genuine reviews by existing customers who share their valuable feedback. Once you feel comfortable, then only you should buy an Arest massage chair be it any model or design, as it is a huge investment.

Milano Massage Chair

Another popular brand in the UAE is Milano when it comes to having a massage chair. As compared to other brands in the UAE, Milano has been on the top since its inception. You will get a different range of lifting chairs and reclining chairs from this brand.

Milano massage chairs are popular in the UAE because of many reasons. These chairs have a lift mechanism in them. Every model of Milano Massage Chair comes with exciting features and specifications. If you want to buy a Milano Massage Chair, then getting complete info must be your first step.

The brand features a dual-motor in most of its high-quality massage chair models. It will help a person to move independently. Users will get an ideal position according to their comfort level. There are different massage programs, which seem to be automatic in these chairs. So, don’t waste time looking for any other brand in the UAE.

Just look for an exciting range of Milano Massage Chairs in the UAE marketplace. You can find any model of Milano Massage Chair online. Once you read all the features and specifications of Milano Massage Chairs online, then only you can get the best deal for your hard-earned money.

The brand also offers a warranty on its massage chair models. So, you need to check before owning it. Milano massage chairs are full of health benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Just order any model of a Milano massage chair online.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The concept of Zero gravity was first evolved by NASA. Their main motive was to alleviate the great amount of stress on the body of an astronaut when they go to space and leave the Earth’s atmosphere. And zero gravity massage chairs are the result of their research and innovation.

The technology assists a person to position his/her body in a better way to withstand the turbulent launch procedure. Zero gravity massage chairs rely on using a reclining position to distribute the weight of the body uniformly. When a person lays on this type of chair, he/she needs to select two different stages, which are:

  • A reclined position to level the thighs and back
  • A deeper recline to elevate the legs above the heart

Your bodyweight is distributed throughout the chair. This is why your body feels less stress on other parts of the body like the neck and back. Users may also have a feeling of weightlessness when their legs are above their heart. There are different brands manufacturing and supplying zero gravity massage chairs in the market.

Possibly, you would want to get the best zero gravity massage chair. For that, go online and check out a wide range of brands offering zero gravity massage chairs. Zero gravity massage chairs are suitable to use in various health conditions like arthritis, varicose veins, heart problems, spinal conditions, and back pain. To experience the benefits of a zero gravity massage chair, find the best one with proper research.

Best Full Body Massage Chair

Regular massages offer you a variety of benefits for your health and well-being. Especially if you are dealing with regular muscle stiffness or soreness. By having a full body massage chair at your home, you can avoid paying visits to the massage therapists and spending too much money. All you need to do is to have a full body massage chair. When you are going to pick up the best full body massage chair, make sure to get the exact piece that you want.

The full body massage chair gives relief from many health problems. It works best for back pain and stretches the whole body to get rid of tired or sore muscles. These chairs are packed with digital features so that a user can control them automatically.

Automatic massage functions let you select any mode you are interested in. Not only this, but it also allows you to control the air pressure for legs, calves, and hands massage. Using a full body massage chair can help you to stay away from pain in the whole body.

Different full body massage chairs are available in the market. They are made of different materials. This is why you need to research well. Get a comfortable piece of chair that can give you a full body massage. Only choose a chair that suits your body type and can work on other parts effectively, like neck, buttocks, legs, and head. Just sit back and feel relaxed as the best full body massage chair will do wonders for your body. 

Best Massage Chair Brands in UAE

High quality and comfortable massage chair is a vital investment. While looking for the best massage chair, there are many factors you must keep in mind. Some of them are listed below:

  • Massage functions
  • Massage rollers and track
  • Massage areas to be covered
  • Massage chair size
  • Massage airbags
  • Smart features
  • Heated massage
  • Massage intensity
  • Reclining function
  • Massage programs
  • Massage chair upholstery

All these factors help you decide which chair is the option. You must work on all these factors and check out what options are available for each and every factor. Along with these factors, the brand and the price they offer also matters a lot.

Brands of Massage Chairs:
  • iRest
  • Medisana
  • Sparnod Fitness
  • Indulge

Looking for the best massage chair brand in UAE? You can find a huge list of brands in the UAE, which are committed to providing quality and excellent performance-based massage chairs. But you must know about them.

Using the internet, you can collect more information about brands and find a reliable one that gives you quality and durable massage chairs for your needs and preferences. Examine the reputation and accessibility of a brand you are going to choose for your massage chair.

Additionally, make sure the brand is giving customer assistance service to resolve any query or problem. Reviews will also help you a lot. You can compare different brands based on different factors and pick up a trustworthy one.

Buying a massage chair is a tricky decision because there are several things you are not aware of. First, become knowledgeable and then start your buying process.

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