How To Start A Business In Dubai Without Money

Undoubtedly, when you are going to start a new project anywhere, it is always a risk. No one knows whether or not a new business will generate income, it will become successful, it will be easy to begin, or a business owner will regret his/her decision in the future.

Especially when you are in Dubai and want to start a business, it is not easy at all. Many entrepreneurs are not gratified with conditions and regulations related to taxation in the country. This is why they seek out new opportunities in other countries and want to work on new projects.

How to Start a Business in Dubai without Money

Dubai has become one of the leading business hubs across the world because of the existence of endless opportunities, industries, businesses, etc. Dubai is a part of UAE, which can offer new business seekers unlimited prospects when they want to run a successful business of any type.

Most of the time, people do not want to spend even a little money as an investment to start a business. They are afraid of losing money in a new startup project. This is why they are interested in knowing the process of starting a business in Dubai with no money at all. No need to worry about it because there are some business ideas that you can work on even with no/little investment.

Starting a Business in Dubai

Going to Start a New Business? Of course, it is a crucial decision one needs to make. And especially if it is in Dubai, it is more complex because of rules and regulations in the country. The process includes planning, hypothesizing, researching, budgeting, setting up, and making decisions. The most vital thing to keep in mind is to choose the right business type or trade. And the proper guidance and support are needed in Dubai.

What to Keep in Mind?

UAE has many other cities and states as well. But Dubai has been on the top for many years. The reason is that no one can replace the options, benefits, and economic development Dubai offers. It is a dream destination for investors because the government and development companies offer unique investment opportunities.

The presence of a diverse population and better economic stability in this place makes it an ideal location to start a new business. Before starting a new business in Dubai, make sure you consider the below-mentioned things:

The company’s Name :

Make sure you are going to open a new company in the free zone area of the mainland area. Submit your preferred company’s name to the DMCC department and get approval.

Document Submission :

Some documents need to be submitted such as KYC Form, Letter of NOC from sponsors, business plan, passport/ Emirate ID, proof of a permanent residential address, etc. At the same time, an applicant needs to submit the registration charges. And these documents are needed for all company members such as managers, shareholders, directors, or legal representatives.

Document Registration :

Once the initial approval is obtained, an applicant must provide additional documents for each concerned person in the business to the DMCC department.

It is not possible to start a business without money because some charges are required to pay for registering the business in Dubai.

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How to Start a Business in Dubai with No Money

To help you out and guide you while planning for a new business in Dubai, there are several local and regional lending companies. They classify the criteria to make you qualified. Finding the best lending firm is important. They are experts in handling all things on your behalf. You can also get loans at or below commercial rates.

This is the situation when you want to invest money for a new business in this place. But if you do not want to spend a fortune due to any reason, then there are some interesting business ideas that anyone can start with no money. Check out the list of several exciting business ideas to start in Dubai without spending any amount of money:


You can start your business in the category of health and wellness. If you have healthcare knowledge and skills, then you can become a yoga teacher or personal trainer. This way, you can help people in maintaining their health.


With some knowledge about particular subjects, you can start giving tuition. Tutoring is not limited to subjects like math or science only. You can help them to learn dance, cooking, languages, instruments, crafts, and arts. Be a personal tutor and opt for video classes that do not need a single penny to invest.

Cleaning Services

You can offer professional cleaning services to people living in Dubai as they don’t have enough time to do their household works. Without investing money, you can earn money in Dubai.

Pet Sitting

Another business idea without money is to offer pet sitting services in Dubai. You can take care of the pet when the owner is not available at home.


Last but not least, you can start offering freelancing services for web designing, blogging, content writing, web development etc. This business also requires no investment. 

Choose your specific field and go ahead with the idea.

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