E Commerce License Dubai : A Step-Wise Guide!

Setting up a business in Dubai needs proper planning and strategy. Being the first emirate in the UAE, Dubai has opened its market to foreign ownership. The country has some rules and regulations decided by the government for foreign investors.

These days, people have made a transition towards online businesses. The ongoing trend of online shopping has changed the way people are involved in businesses. If you think about an online business in Dubai, then you need to have an E commerce license.

E Commerce License Dubai

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Introduction to E commerce License

Today, E commerce has become the necessity of the time. Almost every person has become internet-savvy. They like to shop everything online because of attractive deals, affordable prices, and buying convenience. This is why businesses must set up their businesses online.

In Dubai, if you are thinking of opening a web-based business, then getting an E commerce license must be your first step. Launching your digital venture in Dubai is somehow an easy process. Once you have obtained an E commerce license, then you can make the business setup easier.

There are various types of E commerce licenses in Dubai you can get. Make sure you know which category of E commerce license you belong to. For that, you must understand the types of E commerce licenses. Let’s discuss in detail:

E-Trader License:

This license is designed for those who want to offer their services or products on the web. The Department of Economic Development monitors this license. It can only be obtained by GCC and UAE nationals living in Dubai. You can get it only if you are a single owner. With this license, you cannot get a physical space to open a shop.

Portal License:

Another category of E commerce license in Dubai is Portal License. Non-UAE nationals can get this type of license. With this license, you are eligible to open an online business in Dubai and can link sellers and buyers. It is perfect for those who want to have a listing website including services, products, or reservations.

Virtual Company License:

This type of license from the Dubai economy is mainly meant for foreign investors and non-UAE residents. Using this license they can undertake commercial activities. But there is a limitation of this license. It can only be obtained by those who want to start a business related to computer programing, designing, and printing/advertising.

What perks E commerce License Can Offer?

Having an E commerce license comes with a variety of perks that you can enjoy in Dubai. It would be exciting to use the benefits of an E commerce license in Dubai. These are:

  • An individual can register his/her trade name
  • The owner of a business can become a 100% shareholder of the company
  • It offers you a chance to participate in exhibitions in different regions of Dubai
  • A person can register with Dubai Chamber and can start exporting and importing products
  • The opening of a bank account will be done at ease
  • You can attend conferences legally
  • It lets you conduct workshops and training
  • It offers you a way to sell and advertise your services or products on any social media platform

Getting an E commerce license is a step-by-step process. It means that it needs to be understood carefully. If you need support and guidance, then experts in Dubai can help you.

E Commerce License Dubai Cost

The next step you need to take is to know the cost of an E commerce license. An applicant should be at least 18 years or above. An E commerce license can be registered under the title of an Emirati/GCC citizen. But at the same time, you need to bear some charges to get its approval from the concerned authority.

Understanding the cost is very vital. You need to decide on your budget. And you can do it only if you know the actual cost of owning an E commerce license.

The cost of getting an E commerce license in the country depends on many factors. Whether you are interested in professional activity or trading, the cost will depend. This is why the cost of this license in the country will differ according to the profession you want to get involved in.

The cost you need to bear for starting your digital venture online in Dubai may start from AED 14500 and can go higher accordingly. To get deeper into what you need to pay for getting this license with approval, you can hire experts. There are lots of service providers and organizations in Dubai, which handle the cases of E commerce licenses in the country.

They are experts in each and everything related to an E commerce license. Under their guidance and support, you can easily and securely get an E commerce license. So, what are you waiting for? Just find a reliable and expert company in Dubai that can take care of everything on your behalf.

E Commerce License Dubai Price

While setting up a web-based business in Dubai, you must be familiar with the exact E commerce license price you need to pay. Different factors affect the E commerce license Dubai price. It includes the size of a business, whether you need office space as a part of a package or not, the number of visas applied for, etc. Another thing is your choice whether you want to open a new business in the free zone or mainland. If you want to have an idea of the expected E commerce license price, then go online.

For more clarity, you may have to pay somewhere between 15000 AED and 50000 AED. But the requirements do matter a lot. If you need to start a business with a low budget, then the free zone is the best thing to go with.

Apart from it, there may be other costs included when it comes to getting an E commerce license. These may include:

  • DED registration fees
  • Sponsorship cost for a local partner in the UAE
  • Immigration card cost
  • Medical insurance fees of investors
  • Stamp’s fees for the company
  • Foreign name charges if applicable
  • Any other government, partner, or visa fees if needed

By paying all types of necessary fees with the requirements, anyone can start making money online while residing in Dubai. But he/she must fulfill all the essential requirements for an E commerce license. One can start working online by choosing the right profession according to the guidelines of the government in Dubai.

E Commerce Trade License Dubai

You may be attracted to open an online business in Dubai because of many reasons, such as:

  • Government policies
  • An ideal place to initiate a business
  • Safe space of living
  • Strategic location
  • Easy residency visa
  • No taxation
  • Infrastructure facility

There are plenty of renowned multinational companies in Dubai, as well as, UAE. These are all good reasons why people are willing to become business owners in the Dubai marketplace.

What are the documents needed for obtaining an E commerce license?

You need to submit

  • 2 to 3 preferred names for the company you are going to open
  • The passport copy of the owner or shareholder of the company

How to apply for an E commerce license in Dubai?

Make sure you follow the below-mentioned steps for an E commerce license:

Firstly, determine the legal structure and jurisdiction of your business. When it comes to the legal structure, you need to decide on the single or multiple shareholders. Talking about the jurisdiction, you will need to choose from Free Zone and Mainland.

  • Next, determine your business activity and the type of office you want to open if needed
  • Go for trade name registration
  • Then, fill the application form and get approval
  • Pay the required amount of fees for having an E commerce license
  • In case of getting registered with Dubai Economy, make sure to prepare the MOA (Memorandum of Association) with the Local Sponsor
  • If needed, opt for physical office registration and get the approvals
  • Fulfill export or import requirements and register for customs
  • Last but not least, get a Corporate Bank Account and obtain Residence Visa. Then arrange the Payment Gateway to initiate the sale

So, go in the right direction and get success by having E Commerce License in Dubai right now.

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